About Dream Bulgarian Properties

My Husband (John) and I (Mel) have lived in Bulgaria for 9 years, and we have not regretted a single minute of being here, it is everything we have dreamed of and more, we immerse ourselves within the local community and traditions (of which their are many). We keep livestock as well as our pets, we grow our own fruit and vegetables, and are still pinching ourselves. So come and see just why! Palamartsa is the village we chose to live in, as this was the most popular village, which had lots of information on the internet about it, at the time we were searching for properties, so the majority of properties on my site are in this village, as that is where I have made the most direct contact with owners and their family members, but I also have properties in surrounding villages of the Popovo Municiality, as their are many more villages which are now becoming as equally popular with ex-patriate settlers.