Zaraevo, Targovishte, Bulgaria

These are just a few of the pictures we took of the center of Zaraevo village, it is a thriving village with many shops (food and clothing), restaurants, cafe/bars, school, Children's Play Area's, and lots of young families. Approx 1,000 people still live there today.

Geography - The village is located about 11 km north of the town of Popovo , the road to the city of Ruse in the village of Sadina .

It is situated on the spurs of the Sakar Mountain, known under the name Popovski hills , 351 meters above sea level. Located at the foot of some hills .

On the south of the village runs the river Cherni Lom . Its land borders with those of the villages of Sadina , Kozitsa , Lomtsi , Drinovo , Kardam and Gagovo and the city of Opaka . Very good asphalted road connects it with the town of Popovo and village Sadina and roads linking it with neighboring villages. The village Kozitsa also has an asphalt road. So there is good all year round access.