Sadina, Targovishte, Bulgaria

The village of Sadina (Turgovishte district) is located in North-East Bulgaria and is included in municipality Popovo.

It is distanced 18 km northeast of the municipal center - town of Popovo and about 60 kilometers south of the town of Ruse.
The village is situated on two slopes, south and east, in the valley of the Malak Lom river.

One of the versions for origin of the name Sadina is the valley between slopes looks which like a vessel (in Bulgarian "sad"/"sadina").
Western part of the village is crossed by a small river - Byulbel dere.

Sadina has asphalted roads that connect the village with town of Popovo (18km) and villages Zahari Stoyanov?, Zaraevo, Lomtsi and Pomoshtitsa.

There are agricultural (non asphalted) roads to the villages of Osenets, Ezerche, Lyublen and town of Opaka.

Sightseeing: There are founded several prehistoric settlement mounds, Thracian and Roman settlements, Thracian sanctuary dedicated to the Thracian horseman, medieval fortresses, necropolises, funeral mounds; temple "Holy Trinity" (from 1868),
a monument to Russian soldiers perished 1877; memorial complex of the inhabitants of Sadina perished in the wars.

There is also the yearly Horse race and bi-annual ATV Buggy / Quad Bike races to watch and enjoy.

Amenities: There is also a open school, library with internet access and computers, a kapantsi (Bulgarian Folklore) museum with BBQ area and gardens
(Funded by EU), Theater, Shops, Bar, Municipal buildings and Mayors Office.

Population: Approx 1,000 people, it is a large village, Orthodox Christian Bulgarians,
With a few multi-natioanl ex-pats who live there during summer months, British, Dutch and Russian.