Lom Cherkovna, Ruse, Bulgaria

Lom Cherkovna is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is located in Byala, Rousse district.

The village is called Lom Cherkovna because in the past there were seven churches in the village which is located on the Lom river.

During socialism this village was called Boyka - named in honour of Kina Boyka Vasilev, who got married in this village to the guerilla leader Vasil Petkov Vasilev.

Lom Cherkovna village is surrounded by woods, nearby there are three dams and the center of the village is crossed by a small river.

On its territory there are two monuments - in the park in the center of the village is that of partisan Kina-Boyka Vasileva, and on the largest hill the is a statue immortalizing the heroism of Russian liberators.

This village has a few ex-pat settlers and a few shops and cafe/bars for everyday amenities. The village is not far from other main towns where all other amenities can be found.